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EduDee and TOEFL ITP

Education and Development Experts (EduDee) has been appointed by The Institute of International Education’s Southeast Asia office (IIE/SEA) as an official authorized TOEFL ITP test center to administer the TOEFL ITP standardized test for all educational institutions and professional organizations nationwide.

The TOEFL ITP, which belongs to Educational Testing Service (ETS), is an assessment that offers real insight into personal English-language performance.

What is TOEFL ITP?

The TOEFL ITP assessments share the same rich heritage as the TOEFL test – the world’s most widely accepted and respected English-language assessment. Educational Testing Service (ETS), which owns TOEFL, has combined previous versions of the TOEFL paper-based test forms and improved the standardized tests to create a new English-language proficiency assessment named the TOEFL ITP.  TOEFL ITP tests are suitable for college and university students as well as teachers and test takers in general for the purpose of assessing individual English-language skills.

Over 50 countries currently administer TOEFL ITP tests to measure and evaluate students’ English-language performance with confidence and the score is recognized worldwide.  The TOEFL ITP tests measure core English skills using academic content
similar to what is used in actual classroom tasks.  As such, the tests are perfectly suitable for assessing individual English-language proficiencies.

Why should you sit for the test?
  • The TOEFL ITP tests are part of the TOEFL family of assessments, owned by Educational Testing Service (ETS) in the United States which implements the same standard globally.
  • The TOEFL ITP test fee is affordable because it is four times lower than the TOEFL iBT and IETLS fees.
  • TOEFL ITP scheduling is flexible and we customize the date and time for each educational institution or organization that requests testing. As all TOEFL ITP standards are strictly maintained, you can rest assured that this testing convenience does not affect the testing quality.
  • TOEFL ITP test results are widely recognized by universities as well as leading professional organizations.
Snapshot of the TOEFL ITP assessments

The TOEFL ITP is a paper-based test and all questions are multiple choice.Two proficiency levels are available.

  • TOEFL ITP Level 1– Intermediate to Advanced: 2 hours
  • TOEFL ITP Level 2 –High beginning to Intermediate: 1 hour and 10 minutes

Interested educational institutions or professional organizations can obtain a customized test date and time by contacting EduDee no later than 14 workings day in advance of the desired date and by confirming the minimum required number of 20 test takers.

Preparing for the test
  • Arrive at the testing venue 20 minutes before the test time.
  • Present your student ID card (at school sites only), identification card, or passport for self-verification.Only original documents will be accepted for admission to the test.
  • Prepare your own stationery (2B pencils and eraser).
  • Mobile phones and other personal belongings will not be allowed into the test room.
Turnaround time for score reports

Score reports will be issued within 3 to 5 days after the test (excluded weekend and public holidays). Institutions or organizations can collect the score reports at EduDee’s office or request to have the reports sent directly to them by express post (EMS). Validity of your TOEFL ITP score The TOEFL ITP score is valid for a period of two years after the test.